Photos From Outback Australia Added to Gallery

New images from the Outback, including Lake Eyre, the multi-coloured hills of Outback South Australia (the Breakaways, the Painted Hills and the Painted Desert), the Flinders Ranges, the Pinnacles of Western Australia and the night sky are now in the gallery.

View new images in Outback Australia gallery.


Welcome to my photo gallery and blog!

After being asked repeatedly by friends and family to put some of my recent photos online, I decided it was time to build a website to display them. Wanting to have a photo gallery and a blog, WordPress was an obvious choice for a CMS. However, being a programmer, I couldn’t resist writing my own theme to allow my website to look and work exactly how I wanted it to. A WordPress plugin and several thousand lines of PHP, JavaScript and CSS later, this is the result.

At the moment the Gallery contains a selection of my favourite landscape and wildlife photos from recent travel to Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Thailand, South America and Australia. Over the coming weeks I will be adding many more photos from these places, and adding new collections from Cambodia, China and Australian Cities. I will also post blogs about travel, technology and anything else I find particularly interesting.

The Gallery is best viewed by making your browser full-screen. I hope you enjoy it!