Warragamba Dam Wall and Burragorang Lookout

View from Burragorang Lookout: View from Burragorang Lookout

The dam wall from Terrace Gardens: The dam wall from Terrace Gardens
Access to the wall of Warragamba Dam, the main water supply for Sydney, has been closed to the public since 1998 for renovations. It was recently announced that until the end of January, part of the wall will be reopened for public access on weekends as part of a trial.

Warragamba Dam behind the wall: Warragamba Dam behind the wall
On the weekend I went with a few friends to see it. We were only allowed to walk around halfway across the wall, but it was enough to get a good view looking straight down the 100m wall and across the valley. From the wall you can go down a flight of steps to the Terrace Gardens, just to the front side of the wall. From here there were some partially obstructed views of the dam wall. Unfortunately a small platform that looked like it would give a great front on view was inexplicably closed off.

One of the information signs at the dam: One of the information signs at the dam
The area looks like it had very recently been refurbished, with new information signs about the dam and its construction placed around the viewing areas. One of the signs had some text that didn’t make much sense: “Warragamba dam was originally designed to cope with floods that have one chance in 700 of happening in any year. Experts say it’s now possible to experience floods with up to one chance in 100,000 of happening in any year.”

After visiting the dam, we went on a pleasant 45 minute drive south to Burragorang lookout, which gives a high vantage point over part of the lake formed by the dam. The view was well worth the trip, and would be a nice place to catch sunset.

Lake Burragorang seen on a flight to Adelaide: Lake Burragorang seen on a flight to Adelaide
Lake Burragorang near Warragamba Dam: Lake Burragorang near Warragamba Dam
The Warragamba Dam wall from the air: The Warragamba Dam wall from the air
Looking downstream from the wall of the dam: Looking downstream from the wall of the dam
A side view of the dam wall: A side view of the dam wall

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